Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to download the books in 'Free Downloads'?
Absolutely free, if it's for personal use.
How do I view a mobi file on my Kindle?
Connect the Kindle to a PC, and in the file explorer, copy the mobi files to the folder called documents.
How do I view a mobi file on Android with my Kindle app?
Connect the Android to a PC, and in the file explorer, move the mobi files from where you saved them (possibly on the SD card) to the folder called kindle on the main tablet storage.
Can I put these books on my own site?
If the book is public domain from Gutenberg, then normally yes, but it does depend on the country your site is hosted in.
(So refer to copyright details and terms and conditions at ).
Otherwise, the books are copyright, and you will need the approval of the copyright holder, usually the author.
How is the site funded?
From Amazon links.
How do I contact NovellaWeb?
Any comments or suggestions should be emailed to:


As an author, can I place my novella in the 'Free Downloads'?
Absolutely. Go to the 'Self-publishing' section for details.
As an author, can I set a price for downloading my book?
No. All books on this site in 'Free Downloads' are free to download. If you want to sell books, then you need to use Amazon or Smashwords.
But with your free book, you can provide links to books you have on sale at other sites.
Can I submit short stories?
Not individually, as the minimum word count is 10,000. However, you can publish a collection of stories, if it exceeds the 10,000 word minimum.
If you really just want to publish a single short story, there are other sites that offer this (just try Google).
I've a series of novellas. Can I publish just the first one? (I want to sell the others)
That's fine. You can include links to the other volumes in the series on Amazon and elsewhere.