Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply both to those who contribute to the site, and also to those who make use of information on the site.

If you do not accept these conditions, then you should not use the site.


For those who wish to view and use information on this site
  • All information on this site is copyright, with the exception of public domain books sourced from Gutenberg.org. Unless indicated otherwise, the ownership of copyright of a contributed book is with the author, who asserts the moral right to be identified as the author. All other information on the site is copyright novellaweb.
  • You may not copy, print or use any information on the site without permission from novellaweb, except that you may do so for personal non-commercial use only.
  • This site may contain material deemed unsuitable for children. Therefore if you are under 18 years of age, you should obtain the permission of your parent or guardian before using the site. If you believe that any material may be unsuitable for your children, then you are responsible for preventing their viewing it.
  • In using this site, you should be prepared to encounter material that you or others may find offensive or upsetting in some way. If this concerns you, you should not use the site.
  • novellaweb are not responsible for the content submitted, or for views expressed in this content, and we disclaim any and all liability arising from the content.
  • If you find anything in the site content that appears to be defamatory, racist, illegal, or in breach of copyright, then you should contact us by email.
What information you may place on the site and your responsibilities
  • If you submit a book for inclusion at this site, you should only do so if it is your own creation, and it does not infringe the copyright or trademarks of others.
  • If you submit a book cover image for inclusion at this site, you should only do so if it is your own creation, or you have permission to use it in this way, and you commit that it involves no breach of copyright in the use of included photographs or other images.
  • You commit that any personal information about yourself or others that you place on the site respects privacy, and does not breach any laws concerning disclosure of personal information.
  • You accept full responsibility for the content that you submit, in particular with respect to libel or to infringement of the law.
  • You will not submit books or other information with content that is unlawful in any country in the world, or that would generally be deemed to be unacceptable, libelous or offensive.
  • For certain functionality, we require you to register with a valid email address and possibly other contact information. You agree to tell us of any change in these details. You are not obliged to include any of this information in your displayed information. Email addresses will be used by us solely for contacting you regarding the site, and will not be disclosed to other people or organizations. If you provide inaccurate or misleading information, we reserve the right to suspend or close your account, without any liability to you or third parties.
  • You may not place links to 'associate' programs, or similar links, whereby commission is earned. Links to Amazon or other sites for purchase or download of publications are used by novellaweb to help fund this site.
  • You are responsible for keeping your own secure copy of books or other information submitted.
  • You agree to indemnify novellaweb if your actions lead to claims and expenses, including (but not limited to) breach of copyright, or submission of libelous or unlawful content.
  • You understand that no payment of any kind is made by novellaweb to authors or to users of the site.
Our editorial policy
  • We reserve the right to make minor edits to any book submitted, prior to publication on the site. Such editing would normally be to correct spelling/grammar errors, or to remove/revise words or phrases that are deemed to be unacceptable, or to make font or formatting changes. Any links to Amazon or other sites may be amended to include the novellaweb associates code. This is important for the funding of the site. We will notify the author if any of the above changes have been made. We agree that the author retains full copyright in the text, including these minor changes.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish any book on the site, or to remove any book from the site, without any obligation on our part to give reasons.
  • Material that is likely to be seen as offensive, or a misuse of the site, will be removed, at the sole definition and discretion of novellaweb. This includes, but is not limited to, copyright or trademark infringement, racism, or infringement of personal privacy. Where the law has been broken, we will cooperate with the relevant authorities, and will pass on any and all relevant information.
  • An author may at any time request that his/her book be removed from the site. Normally we will action this request within one month, but will not be liable in any way if it takes longer.
  • Where an author has published other books on Amazon or other sites, whether free or not free, links may be included in the manuscript.
Our responsibilities at novellaweb
  • We try our best not to make mistakes, but we are not infallible. We will fix mistakes if you inform us, but can't be held liable for any consequences.
  • If material has been placed on the site that appears to contravene our policy, then we wish to be informed of this. Complaints will be investigated, but any action will be at our sole discretion. We may or may not contact the person who submitted the material before making any decision.
  • We provide the facilities for others to use, but we give no guarantees or warranties of any kind as to (1) maintaining or backing up these facilities, (2) the nature of these facilities, or (3) the use that is made of these facilities. We accept no liabilities due to the provision of these facilities, or to the consequences of their use by others, and we accept no claim for damages in any respect, including, but not limited to, loss of information, misuse of the site with inappropriate content, or incorrect/inappropriate advice/comments. In particular, we are not liable for misuse of your copyright material by third parties.
  • From time to time these terms and conditions will be amended. In using the site, and in submitting information to the site, you accept such changes, and commit to periodically checking the terms and conditions.
  • Any statements in these terms and conditions that refer to novellaweb are taken as also referring to the owner of the site.
  • By 'the site' we mean novellaweb.com, and related web addresses.
  • By 'we' and 'our' we mean novellaweb.
  • The laws of England are those applicable to this site, but contributors and users in other countries are required to honor the laws of their country also.